Dan Rohrbach

CEO, Southwest Health

“I can honestly say we would not be winning today without the assessment, planning, and execution support provided by Capstone.”

Dan Rohrbach, CEO at Southwest Health in Platteville, WI – talks about how his organization went from struggling with morale problems to achieving top ranking, award winning results – by using their strongest asset… their employees!

Upon stepping into his role as CEO, Dan immediately recognized that there were opportunities to elevate the culture, improve employee engagement, and to grow to meet the needs of the community – and he knew he couldn’t do it alone.

A baseline survey of employee engagement showed employee engagement was ranked in the 38th percentile; and added to that, overall patient satisfaction was ranked at the 17th percentile.

As Dan sat in the audience at an AHA conference where Capstone was presenting, he knew immediately that Capstone’s Framework for Achieving Great Results© would provide exactly what his organization needed.

  • Within the first year of Southwest Health’s transformational journey – Employee Engagement scores jumped to the 79th percentile – and it continues to climb year after year into the 90s.
  • Patient Satisfaction scores have increased from an average mean score of 51% in 2011 to 94% by 2018!
  • Financial and Growth results have also skyrocketed – Southwest Health doubled revenue in 4 years with no price increases.
  • Over the last 7 years they have experienced over 165% growth.


All of these results are amazing but Dan shares his best way to measure the organization’s success – how does it feel?

“I’m a feel guy – you can feel it.”

When you walk through the doors of Southwest Health there is something in the air, you feel the warmth, positivity, and care in every interaction.


Watch the full interview here.

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