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About Us

Our Story

Capstone Leadership Solutions began in 2012, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. At the time, two nurses, Jane Mcleod and Sue Tetzlaff, were leaders in a rural, community hospital. While the women were very different leaders, both possessed a talent for initiating change and displayed positive attitudes that were admirable and inspiring.

Our Mission

To serve healthcare organizations and leaders in ways that will bring value to their patients, employees, physicians and communities.  To inspire positive change – one leader at a time.



Our Vision

To inspire and equip others for positive change in healthcare.

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Pay It Forward

Our company is a “pay it forward” company. Whenever we host a Summit or Boot camp event, the food, the shelter, and the learning opportunities are all made possible by generous members of each community. Knowing this, we donate to local non-profit organizations that match our dedication to be an essential community partner. If a Capstone event is coming near you, inform our team of a preferred non-profit and we will donate a portion of each registration fee to the selected organization.

We had a strategic plan but it always remained on the shelf. That’s why I applaud Capstone. They reminded us that the journey to success starts with the strategic plan. Ours was developed over a decade ago, so with their help, we were able to sit down with board members and staff to assess the problem areas of our organization. Capstone trained us and gave us the information we needed to create new mission and vision statements, along with a better strategic plan. Plus, they ensure it stays alive and helps us meet current goals. From general staff meetings to meetings within a specific department, we always start by looking at our strategic plan. Now, it’s easy to note where we are and how we’re scoring.

Kyle BakkumVernon Memorial Hospital

We worked with other well-known professional development consultants, who delivered great insights and had wonderful customer service. But they had no experience in patient care. So for us, it was essential to choose Capstone. In fact, I read Jane and Sue’s book prior to working with them and was thoroughly impressed with their distinct approach and genuine familiarity with rural healthcare.

Terry LerashCEO at Scheurer Hospital

Capstone Leadership Solutions far exceeded our expectations. Prior to bringing them in, we had low patient satisfaction scores. And within two years of our journey, we became number one in the state of Michigan. At the time, were only looking to raise our scores—but we went straight to the top.

Tim JohnsonEaton Rapids Medical Center

Prior to our partnership with Capstone Leadership Solutions, our organization struggled with issues such as communication, accountability, and strategic planning. We had competent and dedicated employees seeking guidance and direction in these areas. Through their teaching methods, we have made operational improvements and cultural changes that have inspired and transformed our staff.

Cindy Olli, BSN, RN, NE-BCFormer CNO Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital

The enthusiasm that Jane and Sue bring is infectious. As we listened to them share experiences and relay how they see the benefits to their framework, we knew their strategy would be more than advantageous to our patients and organization. Now that we’ve returned, implemented these practices, and witnessed the positive effects, the benefits are substantial.

Kyle BakkumVernon Memorial Hospital

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Capstone Leadership Solutions since 2014. They have a remarkable ability to make the session content come alive; they are engaging and really hit home the topics that are at the forefront for nurse leaders today. I always expect a full session room when their name appears in our program.

Jess TylerAccess Intelligence

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