Michelle Franklin

CEO, Sullivan County Community Hospital

“Working with Capstone has allowed us to work toward meeting 3 key organizational goals – increase staff engagement, increase patient satisfaction, and increase quality scores.”

There is something happening at Sullivan County Community Hospital. You can feel it as soon as you walk through the doors.

Creating a culture of teamwork, compassion, and pride didn’t happen overnight – Sullivan County Community Hospital did it by committing to elevating their culture and engaging employees to contribute to the organization’s top strategies and goals.

SCCH had a goal of moving from good to Great to even GREATER – that’s what lead this organization to start on a cultural transformation journey.

3 members of SCCH senior leadership team – the CEO, CNO & HR Director – attended a Capstone Leadership Summit. When they returned they came back fired up and excited to start implemented the tactics learned.

They quickly realized greater action needed to be taken in order to move the organization forward – and they couldn’t do it alone.

Through implementing the tactics presented in the Capstone Framework – the organization started creating an environment where patients and visitors felt welcome.

And that is not the only improvement that came from embarking upon a cultural transformation journey:

  • Increased Physician recruitment
  • Increased HCAHPS scores
  • Awarded the Press Ganey Guardian of Excellence in Staff Engagement
  • Improved financial performance:
    • Within the first year there was a 2 million dollar positive swing in profit
    • And even through the pandemic the organization has ended up with a positive bottom line
  • Recruitment is skyrocketing – employees are now the organizations top recruiters because they love where they work.


“Everyone moves that needle closer to the goals when everyone is working toward the same thing.” –Denise Hart, HR Director


Employees effect department goals — employees own goals — employees are empowered to hit goals.

Creating alignment and synergy between teams and departments to work toward an organizations key strategies and goals is key – and the key to Sullivan County Community Hospital’s continued success.


Watch the full interview here.

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