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Capstone Leadership Solutions began in 2012, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. At the time, two nurses, Jane Mcleod and Sue Tetzlaff, were leaders in a rural, community hospital. While the women were very different leaders, both possessed a talent for initiating change and displayed positive attitudes that were admirable and inspiring.

Sue was a member of a senior leadership team that determined the need for a hospital-wide culture change, and eventually, Jane was brought on board to assist these efforts. They soon discovered their facility, like many hospitals, suffered from following inefficient practices and strategies year after year. Jane and Sue, along with their 14-member team, realized how much poor patterns were preventing leaders from establishing a better culture and found many patients were seeking treatment elsewhere.

Determined to end this downturn and save the hospital’s financial future, the team crafted a strategy to improve the service and quality of care. They developed a full framework to address transformational change by reading the Planetree philosophy, Radical Loving Care, and Hardwiring Excellence. Finally, it was time to “Just Start.” Emphasizing leadership development and placing the future of their organization in the hands of employee-driven teams, the team immediately saw progress.

Their astounding improvement prompted hospitals and organizations around the state to request advice. Jane and Sue were often asked to share their success story and relay key initiatives that led the hospital to greatness. They coined their collective strategy as the CASE Method (Copy And Share Everything) and found the practices and tactics were used in businesses all over the world, not just in healthcare.

Deciding to establish their own company, the two brainstormed names that nodded to accountability. They found inspiration through the ancient Romans’ use of the capstone in construction and landed on a fitting name: Capstone Leadership Solutions. With assistance from Jane and Sue, partner hospitals began to write their own success stories, see results far more quickly, and move their facilities from good to great.

Today, The Capstone Leadership Solutions’ distinct approach helps rural and community hospitals across the country thrive. Our sustainable framework leads organizations to become top-performing and award-winning—and remain so for years to come.