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Let's Work Together.

Let's Work Together.


Nursing Bundle Boot Camp – One Day


This is a one day workshop where only the very best evidence based practices are discussed, and tried and true solutions that make them stick.  The Nursing Bundle Boot Camp will teach the “how” and “why” to engage both patients and employees working within a Nursing Bundle to improve your patient and employee experiences and elevate your results to new heights!


  • A CNO or Director of Nursing who would like to connect nursing units to the strategy of the organization for lasting improvements.
  • A CNO or Director of Nursing, and Nursing leader who has attempted to successfully implement the Nursing Bundle but needs assistance with re-inspiring purpose in the nursing care provided in their organization.
  • Any level of nursing leader, including and not limited to charge nurses and shift supervisors who are responsible to validate and provide amazing service excellence!

Included in the Bundle: 

  • Bedside Shift Report 
  • Narrated Care
  • Teachback
  • Post DC Phone calls to home
  • Engaging patients and their families in whiteboard use 
  • Purposeful Hourly Rounding

Also, included in the workshop:

  • Validation Rounding for Leaders 
  • Changing How We Change.  Creating sustainable change based on the best theory with real life experiences


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