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Let's Work Together.


Hiring the right person for a position you have open can often feel like a crap shoot.  The research and statistics on turnover in the first year in healthcare is not good, and the reasons are varied, but one reason stands out.

Leaders often hire for skill, and then end up firing for behaviors. Managing staff with poor attitudes and behaviors takes up so much of a leader’s time, it can feel like that is all you are doing.

STOP THE MADNESS! Turn your hiring practices around by having a new mindset when you make your next hire. Begin to hire for behavior, and train for skills.  When you do this, you have staff that are already connected to your vision, and engaged to follow it and do their very best work from the beginning.

Simon Sinek is the author of “Start with Why- How great leaders inspire everyone to take action.” His book, and TED Talk video, speak to sharing your passion and vision for what you do with others, especially when hiring. This creates loyalty in your customers. As leaders, certainly our employees are our most valued customers.

Charles Coonradt, the author of “The Better People Leader,” advocates that you look at your best employee, your very highest performer, and write down what makes them the best and the brightest. What is it about that person who is your “go to girl or guy”, and your “right hand.”   Who is your Robin on days when you need to be Batman?  Make sure when you are hiring and interviewing that you keep the attributes of your very best employee(s) high in your mind as you seek others to join your team.

There are many other ways to insure you hire successfully each and every time: behavioral based interview questions, pre-employment testing, peer interview panels. These key strategies have been researched and found to be effective.

Start with yourself. Ask yourself why you do what you do each and every day. What is your passion and vision to create the very best place to work, and for patients to receive care? Explain that vision to everyone you interview.

Hire those who believe what you do, and share your vision. Hire those who have the same great work attitude and enthusiasm as your highest performers.

It starts with you.


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