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Tools For Engagement: Transparent Communication

Just as you cannot over-recognize your staff, you cannot over-communicate important messages to them. Please take a moment to really analyze the way you communicate to your staff. Are you a one-hit wonder? Do you communicate the same way every bit of information they need to know, regardless of its importance to their work?

What Did I Inherit?

In healthcare, we tend to be nice people. Even as leaders. We care about people. We give them second chances. We accept excuses. We avoid confrontation. We may even enable a bit. So, as a new leader, we can often find ourselves stepping into a unit with unaddressed low performance issues.

Tools For Engagement: Faith and Encouragement

Our workplaces all have four generations working side by side for the first time in American history. One of the key differences acutely felt between the generations is the mobility desired by the Gen-X and Millennial generations. No longer are employees working for the gold watch by staying in o…

Words to Choose & Words to Lose

Words are inherently powerful. With a single utterance, one can transform singular moments in time. Faith is built upon words. Trust is built upon words. The very history of humanity that we pass down to our children is built upon words. With the power of words comes the emotions that are tied to them, both […]

Tools For Engagement: Culture of Trust

Holding yourself accountable includes taking responsibility for bad results. It is often our natural response to blame others for failure. When we fail, we need to look in the mirror. Holding others accountable allows performers to feel good about the job they are doing. It also increases trust by assuring performers that slackers and poor performers […]

Life By Numbers

Numbers or objective measurements are helpful to alert us to things that our subjective opinions or feelings might miss. I can think of many examples in my two decades of healthcare leadership where I was fooled by my opinion about a problem or issue. I’ve created misguided plans and expended energy that wasn’t truly going […]

Tools For Engagement: Know Thy Employee

Everyone wants it. No one thinks they have it. It is a buzzword in virtually every human resource conversation leaders have in every industry, not just healthcare. Your CEO is saying this word as often as he or she is saying “do more with less.” What is it?

Know Your Audience

Sure, it may take some digging to deduce the individuals who need specific direction, and to determine the best time and place to do said directing, but we know that the effort will pay dividends in the future. The more effort we put into investigating the problems that arise, the more specific the direction that […]

DIY Fantasy Work Culture

Picture the culture and work environment in your department or hospital as a building. There are walls, (and silos!) and stairs to climb. This building was not erected overnight. Just as a structure takes time to build, it will take time to build your own visionary culture where your employees are accountable to each other, […]

Seeking Out Goodness

As leaders, we often seek out that which we see as being wrong. When we see that something is wrong we can push ourselves to fix it, to bring that which is out of whack back into the order that we so desire. The irony in this trait of ultimate adaptation being that we get […]

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