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Let's Work Together.

Let's Work Together.


Capstone Leadership Co-Founders

Jane McLeod

Jane McLeod is the co-founder of Capstone Leadership Solution, and Co-Author of The Employee Experience; A Capstone Guide to Peak Performance. Jane has worked in the healthcare industry for over 30 years as a Registered Nurse. Most of her years in the field were in a leadership position, both at rural sole provider community hospitals as well as a large tertiary facility in Michigan. She leads with passion for “walking the talk” and often uses humor in storytelling to effectively lead from a front line leader’s perspective all the way to the C-Suite. She holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing with a certification in Healthcare Administration from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

Sue Tetzlaff

Sue Tetzlaff is the co-founder of Capstone Leadership Solutions, and co-author of The Employee Experience; A Capstone Guide to Peak Performance. Sue has served in healthcare administrative leadership positions for more than 20 years at a sole provider community hospital. These positions include Vice President of Quality, Chief Nursing Officer, Interim CEO, and Chief Operating Officer. Sue is Board Certified in Healthcare Administration and Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives. Sue leads with optimism, excellence and quality in the forefront of everything she does She obtained her Master’s Degree in Hospital/Healthcare Administration from the University of Minnesota.

Our Amazing Team

Kris Allen

Kris Allen PicThe Essentials:
Received her first Nursing degree from Lansing Community College
Holds a Master’s degree in Nursing, and MBA from the University of Phoenix.
CNO at a #1 rated critical access hospital in Michigan in 2014/2015.

What we love about Kris:
Kris is a CNO and resides on the steering team at our most successful partner hospital thus far.  #1 in the state of Michigan in patient satisfaction for two years. Core Measures at 100% for nine quarters running. Kris has experience at a tertiary, multi-hospital system healthcare organization as a CNO. Kris took those skills she learned to lead effectively in the critical access setting.
Kris started her position as the CNO at Eaton Rapids Medical Center shortly after we began our partnership with them. They are our second partner organization. We feel as though we “grew up” with Kris. We love her common sense approach to leadership, and her ability to truly stand up for nursing, no matter where nursing happens. She  has been so gracious to assist other CNO’s in need.  She is truly an inspirational leader.

Karen Stockton
Karen Stockton Pic

The Essentials:
Post-Graduate degree in Nursing from Grand Canyon University
Holds both a Bachelor’s degree and Associate’s Degree in Nursing
Holds certifications in both Critical Care and Gerontological Nursing

Here is what we love about Karen:
Karen has many years of experience as a front line leader in both smaller organizations, as well as large tertiary centers as part of a system. She has held a director of nursing position in both rehab centers and nursing homes. We consider this position to be one of the most difficult in the healthcare industry! Karen was recently asked by the Arizona Organization of Nurse Executives to make a presentation at their annual meeting. She did so with resounding success!
The very first time we ever met Karen at a Summit in Sedona, Arizona we knew she was a great leader. It was evident in the way she spoke with great passion and respect for those she led to carry out amazing healthcare. We then have been witness many times to the relationship she has with her leaders and employees, and she truly embodies everything we teach. It’s all about relationships, and this girl lives that in her work every day.

Mandy Synett

Mandy(2of1)The Essentials:
Excel Spreadsheet WHIZ
Creative thinker with an analytical mind at the same time.
Worked as an Executive Assistant for 10 years.

Why we Love Mandy:
Sue and I both worked with Mandy while we were executives. We know her strengths, and she knows our weaknesses!
She is organized beyond organized, and takes great pride in her work. When Sue and I were CNO and COO for our hometown hospital where we led for over 20 years, we had so many great people to assist us in growing that great hospital. One of them was Mandy. So many times over the years, our administrative team would see an unusual project that needs to be done, and one of us at the “ big table” would say “ Wow, Mandy would be good at that”. She seems to be good at things no one else wants to , or can- do.  She also does it very, very, well.  When we were given the advice that we needed some assistance with our “new” world of social media, inbound marketing, and all of the foreign terms and concepts associated with them, we turned to Mandy. Of course, she stepped up to the plate eager to learn a new world and a new language.

Meg Whiteford

Meg Whiteford PicThe Essentials:
Successful small business owner in Traverse City, Mi.
Works three jobs! A partnership with Whiteford Associates, Meg Whiteford Interior Design, and Capstone Leadership Solutions.

Why we love Meg:
Meg uses her decorating “eye” when it comes to literally everything she does.
As a small business owner, she knows our struggles. We have gotten such great advice from her.
Meg helped me with my daughter’s wedding. For those of you who know me, you can imagine that I had not a clue how to make my daughter’s princess wedding happen. I simply could not “see” it.  Meg has that flair for venues, and logistics and planning. The woman could build a ten story hospital single handedly I swear. It would be beautiful. We are so glad that she instead finds and creates amazing training locale for us to provide the very best learning environment we can.

Julie Coneset

Julie Black and White for WebsiteThe Essentials:
Associates Degree in Office Administration from Lake Superior State University
Essentials in Human Resource Management Certificate from M-Tec at Bay College

Why we Love Julie and why we asked her to join our amazing team:
Certification in Crucial Conversations ( and she is actually good at them!)
She has led  a very successful Employee Experience Team for more than 10 years.
She has been a part of her hospital’s Journey to Excellence for more than 10 years, and has effectively assisted with the organization of more than 40 Leadership Development days!
Julie has 22 years of positive Human Resources experience.  What we mean by positive human resources experiences is not that everyday for 22 years has been full of happiness and sunshine. HR leaders often have such difficult jobs to tackle each and every day. Yet, Julie never forgets the path she has chosen to lead an organization to excellence. She truly lives the journey each and every day, and is the most effective role model we know.

Andrea Eves

Andrea HeadshotThe Essentials:
Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Graphic Design from Northern Michigan University

Why we Love Andrea:
She was the very first Capstone Leadership Solutions team member, and has been with us since the inception of the company.
She is a YOOPER! Born and Raised. It is her “ Street Cred” She makes the Capstone look  what it is today. Truly branded as unique and professional. If someone had told Sue and I when we started the company  that we would be working with a graphic designer  literally almost every week for the past four years, we would have told them they were crazy!
The reason we work with Andrea so closely is that she “gets us”. We have never worked with anyone who just intuitively knows what we need before we know ourselves what we need. We call that amazing customer service. We knew her in high school as a free spirited ,artsy girl and we decided to “keep it local” when we started Capstone. We are so glad we did, as she has provided the Millennial advice and direction Capstone needs!

Jennifer Parks

The Essentials:

Master’s Degree in Park, Recreation and Tourism Resources from Michigan State University

Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Conservation and Interpretation and Outdoor Education from Northern Michigan University

Parks’ household CEO, COO, CFO and most importantly, stay at home Mom to Claire and Nolan for seven years before returning to work for the amazing company, Capstone Leadership Solutions. 

Former manager of Sonoita Creek State Natural Area in the Arizona State Parks system-Volunteer coordinator to a cadre of FABULOUS VOLUNTEERS, Visitor Center Coordinator, Law Enforcement Ranger, EMT, Wildland Firefighter.  Ranger at Coronado National Forest (AZ), Deschutes National Forest (OR), Isle Royale National Park (MI), Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (MI), McLain State Park (MI).

Why we Love Jen:
Jen has been the most amazing addition to our team, and our first full-time employee hire. She has made us leaders again! It has been so great to share Capstone with someone who had absolutely no idea what our company was about, and really, other than having two babies in a hospital she has literally no experience. People ask us” WHAT? You hired a park ranger??”  No, we hired a human who SAYS she is an introvert, but has taken our company to new heights and has taken the fact that she has two bosses who are completely varied in their responses to her and made the very best out of it! We love Jen! 

Rita Jury

The Essentials:

DIPLOMA in nursing from Madison General Hospital School of Nursing

Bachelors degree from the University of St. Francis

Master’s degree in Nursing from the University of Phoenix

She has served as faculty for the University of Phoenix and Arizona State University.  She is a CPHQ – Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality.  Is currently a Nurse Administrator at a world-renowned health care system.

Why we Love Rita:
For the most part, our coaches are leaders from our audiences that we noticed right away have that ” thing” . That quality of the epitome of leadership that tells us they have what it takes to lead effectively, and therefore coach effectively.   We knew as soon as we met Rita that she was an amazing leader, and then spending time with her in her neck of the woods told us that indeed, we were in the presence of greatness.  She is a great writer, and speaker, and leads with a servant’s heart. Her focus is on being in the sacred place where your employees and patients are. Really living in that space and viewing the world from there. We love that! 

 Marialena Murphy

The Essentials:

Associate of Arts in General Education
Associate of Applied Science in Nursing
Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences
Master of Science Health Administration
Master of Science in Nursing Education

Certified – Nurse in the Operating Room
Certified – Nurse Executive Advanced – Board Certified

Why we Love Marialena:
We love Marialena in a big way. Again, from the moment she walked into a Summit we knew we were in the presence of greatness. We heard her speak, and share the stage with one of her leaders, and we were wow’ed! She is a calm force to be reckoned with ,and has a great breadth of knowledge in her experience, as well as how she tackles her own personal knowledge. She is a Nurse Personified- Flo has nothing on our Marialena! 

Teresa Lindfors

The Essentials:

Received Nursing degree from College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN

Attained Masters in Business Administration, Upper Iowa University

Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives

Why we Love Teresa:
We have loved Teresa’s energy and passion for transformational culture change from the moment we met her! We were so honored to work in her organization and provide an assessment for them after they had been on a Journey to Excellence for 10 years.  What we found when we got there was a CNO that is loved and respected by her leaders, her nurses , and her physicians alike. In our work across Wisconsin , Teresa is also extremely respected as a mentor for other CNO’s, COO’s and future CEO’s as a leader with great energy, passion and vision!

















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